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Perfection Laser & Spa

I hail from the Dominican Republic and began my educational journey at La Trinitaria, focusing on accounting while diving into various courses in esthetics, healing, and Chakra practices with Dominican doctors. My passion for skincare sparked unexpectedly when a homemade healing powder I formulated miraculously healed a friend's scratched face.


This defining moment led to the birth of my 'magic powder,' benefiting countless clients and validating my family's support. As a mother of two, I understood the challenges of self-care while raising a family, prompting me to transform my passion into a profession. Encouraged by my ex-partner, I returned to university, graduating from Christine Valmy, and pursued extensive courses both locally and internationally.


Despite losing my job during the pandemic, my grandmother's unwavering support inspired me to establish Perfection Laser and Spa on December 9, 2020, a sanctuary that caters to mothers and women seeking personalized skincare solutions, driven by my journey with sensitive skin and a desire to help others facing similar challenges.

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Mon - Fri: 11am - 8pm
Sat: 11am - 8pm
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"Your biggest commiment must always be with yourself"

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